DA 5/31/17: June 6 OR Budget Rally!

Action + Education:

Fair Shot for All Oregon has advocated for several bills we’ve followed this session, and does a great job of updating us all. They’re leading a rally at NOON in Salem JUNE 6 with the A Better Oregon coalition, including SEIU and NOW, to help show Oregon lawmakers that we need new revenue and to make sure Oregon leads in education and health care instead of cutting jobs and cutting care dramatically for the most vulnerable, particularly people of color and women.

Oregon’s corporate taxes are the lowest in the nation, which Oregon uses to convince companies to settle here and hopefully increase jobs. But to keep paying teachers, to provide healthcare to those who need it, to improve infrastructure, among all the other programs we all are advocates of, we need more revenue to overcome the $1.4 billion budget shortfall. Fair Shot’s recent estimate is that 3,000 teachers will lose their jobs and 350,000 Oregonians would lose their health insurance.

There are a few plans being discussed this session to increase and reform corporate taxes. Calling your legislator, especially in a red county, is most helpful. Coming to the rally is another helpful step. If you RSVP you’ll get lunch and a ride if you need it from Corvallis, Portland, or Eugene.

Extra Actions:

This afternoon!! May 31 12-1:30pm PT webinar: How Do We “DO” Racial Justice?  From a project on ‘Ending Mass Incarceration, Centralizing Racial Justice, and Developing Alternatives: The Role of Anti-Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program.’ Promoted by NOW, hosted by the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women. Registration.

Tonight!! May 31 6:30pm: Oregon Wild is hosting a discussion called “What We Want From the Wild” with Oregon Humanities held at Base Camp Brewing Co on Oak St in Portland.  It’s free and there will be a raffle! 🙂 Here’s the FB event to RSVP and for more info.

Legislative Update!

  • HB 2927 National Popular Vote: Oregon will join the Interstate Compact for Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by giving all Electoral College votes to the winner of the National Popular Vote  passed the Oregon House last week!
    • Supported by NOW and the NPV coalition
    • In Senate Committee on Rules, if your Senator is in that committee, be sure to call them and share your support of the bill. You can also submit testimony to the SC Rules exhibit email. You can call your Senator and make sure they tell the members of the Rules committee they’ll vote for the NPV on the Senate floor!

HB 3087 Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act (FAMLI): creates a state insurance fund that would allow ALL Oregon workers paid time off for up to 12 weeks for their own serious health condition or that of a family member and up to 18 weeks for parental leave after the birth, adoption or foster care placement of a new child.

Bills from update 1 and update 2 are mostly still awaiting budget talks!

But this one is still particularly messy: SB 1008: Anti-Diesel Pollution intended to introduce regulations on diesel emissions. These originally required businesses to replace older, less fuel-efficient engines with newer, cleaner engines. The business community put pressure on the Senate committee on Environment and Natural Resource members, so most of the regulations were taken out.

  • Supported by the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Neighbors for Clean Air, OPAL, and the Oregon Environmental Council.
  • Call your Senator and ask them to support this without the “dash 1” amendments. You can also contact the Rules committee to restore the bill’s original language and protections.
    Possible script: “Hello, I am [NAME], a constituent from [ZIP CODE]. I’m calling to ask the Senator to support SB 1008, but without its committee amendments. This bill would protect Oregon air quality, but these amendments reduce the bill’s potency and effectiveness, compared to the original bill. The Senator should request the removal of the amendments and vote in favor of SB 1008.”

Encourage others:

Suggest that others take action by sharing this link to your personal page.

Report Back:

If you take this action or some portion of it, please comment below or simply type “done.” If you encounter problems or learn about follow-on actions, please post about that too!

#dailyaction #resist

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