What is Action Together Oregon’s mission?
Action Together Oregon (ATO) equips members with strategies, resources, and networks to create progressive change.

What are ATO’s Objectives?

  • Support legislation that protects the rights of women and other vulnerable groups.
  • Foster a welcoming, diverse, supportive community.
  • Defend against climate change and promote sustainable living.
  • Plan, organize, and support timely grassroots action.
  • Provide factual information about current political issues.
  • Educate about and engage in the legislative process.
  • Support candidates and organizations that are consistent with ATO’s values.
  • Raise awareness about cultural and socioeconomic injustice.

What are ATO Teams?
TO stands for Action Together Oregon. Our action teams are at the heart of our work. We invite you to join the team (or teams) that best speaks to your interests and abilities. We welcome all levels of participation. Most of us are “beginner activists,” and we are passionate about welcoming new members to the team. All teams need help–even if you only have a small amount of time or energy to give. The first step is to look at the pinned post on the ATO main group and tag the leader of the team you are interested in. Once you have been added to the team, introduce yourself and find out when they meet next. Most of our teams meet in “virtual space” using online video calls.

We are in the process of updating our organizational chart.  The previous version can be viewed here.

What do the teams do?

  • Membership (serves as our 1st line of security by vetting new members)
  • Moderating (serves as our 2nd by maintaining posting guidelines 24/7)
  • Self-Care (provides self-care resources, ideas, and best practices)
  • Daily Action (provides effective, verified, actionable info)
  • Events (creates and maintains a list of events related to our objectives)
  • Education (creates resource guides on a wide variety of topics)
  • Candidate Nominations (identifies/supports local & statewide candidates for elected office)
  • Legislation (tracks bills & identifies legislation to organize around based on our objectives)
  • Community Organizing (teaches/applies community organizing skills to achieve our objectives)
  • Social Media (Manages our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram)

What are ATO Chapters?
TO’s chapters were created organically by local members who wanted to connect with others in their towns and neighborhoods for grassroots organizing. We currently have active chapters in Yamhill, Bend, Pendleton, Eugene, Salem, the Coast, Clackamas County, Beaverton/Hillsboro, Tualatin, and the Portland Metro area. If you would like to know how to get connected with a chapter in your area, ask your action team leader or post on the main page and someone will help you. If you would like to start a chapter in your area let us know at ato.board@gmail.com.

List of chapters and where to find them and basic guidelines for a chapter.

What does it mean to be a member of ATO?
rrently, “membership” simply means that you belong to one of our Facebook groups, follow our actions, or participate in our community. There are no current plans to require paid membership, though we may organize fundraising efforts in the future to benefit select causes or political candidates. Our stated mission is to provide resources for our members, so everything we do keeps our members at the forefront of our decision-making process. As a member of the community, your opinions and your needs are valued, and we encourage you to share your ideas via your action team leaders or your chapter leaders. The ATO main group and the PNOC group currently have more than 12,000 members combined.

How do I find ATO/PNOC on Facebook?

Action Together Oregon
TO’s Facebook presence is made up of a cluster of groups and pages that our activists use to communicate with each other. The main group, Action Together Oregon, is where we post our **Daily Action** suggestions, as well as our recommended events. This main group is also the place for our community to have discussions or call on each other for help or action. We also have a sharable public page, https://www.facebook.com/ActionTogetherOregon/, where we post daily actions and important local events.

Each ATO action team also has its own Facebook group where the members of the team can organize, share ideas, and ask questions.

Lastly, there are ATO chapter groups specific to various regions across the state. Each chapter focuses on local issues specific to their region. These chapter pages are moderated by local chapter leaders. You may sometimes see information on your chapter page that you’ve already seen on the main page because your chapter leader wants to make sure everyone in your local group will see it.

Ideally, you will be part of the main group, your chapter group, and any team groups you are part of.

PN: Oregon Chapter
TO also manages a sister Facebook group called PN: Oregon Chapter (or PNOC). PNOC was inspired by Pantsuit Nation. As such, it is a place for stories and discussions that relate to the current political climate and how it impacts people on a personal level. In PNOC, members can find and provide support coping with the troubling news and incidents we’re exposed to daily. Deeply personal posts about despair, pain, and heartbreak regularly receive hundreds of supportive, uplifting comments. To preserve this sense of refuge, PNOC does not accept calls to action, memes, news, or events. Occasionally, the leadership team will post a summary of actions or events that are deemed of broad interest to the PNOC community. However, member submissions of this nature are rarely approved.


Note: ATO’s main group and PNOC are both secret groups with vetted membership and moderated content. The team groups and subchapter groups are moderated at the discretion of the team/subchapter and its leaders.

Are you connected with groups in other parts of the country?
Yes.  We are part of a loose network of people all over the country,  including Action Together Network and we communicate via facebook and slack.  There is a lot of information sharing and collaborating where possible.  We are also in touch with most of the Indivisible and other grassroots groups in Oregon and are working to build a broad coalition.  

I’m a candidate running for office. Can you support me?
Sort of.  We cannot specifically endorse a candidate at this time, due to our status as a 501c4 non-profit organization. We cannot fundraise for specific candidates either. However, we have a team (Candidate Nominations) that is learning about how our group will be able to support candidates, and if you have a specific request, we are willing to look at what we can do to help. For example, we recently sent a letter asking for a city council to consider women and people of color for an appointed position.

What are your positions on legislative issues?
We are looking at how to best support other issues-based groups that share our objectives across the state to help them implement their legislative agenda.

What is ATO allowed to do as a group?
ction Together Oregon is a 501c4 non-profit organization. As such, we can conduct educational activities and support legislation, but we cannot endorse specific political candidates. We can raise money for our organization to use internally or externally, but donations are not tax deductible.

I want to set up a meeting with you, who should I contact?
Email us at ato.board@gmail.com.